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Good morning everyone! Just picked up my brand new off the show room floor Type R. I’m coming from the domestic big v8 life so this is a huge change for me. I have some pretty big plans for the car, so I definitely plan on being quite active on here, Facebook, as well as YouTube. I plan on starting a new channel to help people along when deciding on parts and routes for their individual cars!

My previous vehicle was a 2013 Camaro ZL1 fully built pushing 1067whp/1174tq through a TR6060(man stick) on blower, e85 and nitrous. My growing family provoked a big change of plans for my car hobby so here I am in my new type R.

I’m moving to Italy here in a few months so if any of you are interested, make sure you keep in touch or follow for some pretty kick a** content coming at you from all over Europe.

This is my first ever civic and I will definitely been leaning on you all for help along the way! If this forum is anything like ls1tech or c5 I know there are plenty of experts and even more trolls. (Haha). I can’t wait to get the ball rolling on this car and meet some of you along the way.

Currently located in Lawton, OK. So if anyone is local hit me up!

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>:)Welcome to the site, it's been quite around here lately, What we need is someone to do a big build that people can follow and get excited about, know anyone!!!!
Let us know how you like the Civic vs the Camaro and see if you get the "tuner bug" and never look back at a muscle car.
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