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What's up folks, I'm having some issues, and local shops are not wanting to diagnose my car because of aftermarket cat back/HVI. I'm not well versed enough in all this **** to efficiently troubleshoot unfortunately.

What I know: Turbo bypass control solenoid valve circuit high voltage code, this has persisted the whole time i've owned the car, with no change in drive. the connector going into the motor for that solenoid looks damaged. but again, no performance issues.
recently my turbo is skipping out, and then disabling itself until I restart the car. It's repeatable via opening throttle, boost goes to 16ish psi, and then cuts out after holding 16psi for a few seconds. I only have a PRL HVI, and AFE power cat back as far as I'm aware.
So I've got underboost DTC codes, MAFsensor circuit range/performance problem codes that appeared along with the turbo problems.

I have no idea where to start, seeing how the local mechanics aren't willing to go down the diagnostic rabbit hole. I am mechanically inclined, but I lack the time, tools, and space to just guess my way through the engine bay lmao.

If I had the spare $ I would grab a flashpro from hondata and give yall a data log, but I can't do it right now :(
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