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Hi All - I'm new here. I have a 2019 Civic Sport with 71K miles. I bought it used in 2021. Everything is great except it occasionally does not want to start. When I push the start button, the starter motor turns very slowly and stops, all in like 2 seconds, and gives up. Then I have to turn it all off, wait a minute, and try again. Then it starts semi-ok. Although the starter motor still turns over very slow. It acts like the battery is just about dead, but voltage shows it is good. It has been doing this for months. I'd say 3 out of 10 times, it does this slow-start-thing. I've taken it to the Honda dealer twice now. Had it towed there once. When they try of course it starts for them. They say they cannot find anything wrong. The first time they said the battery was marginal, so they installed a new one. It was then ok for a month, then it started happening again. Fast fwd to yesterday, I got stuck at work (60 mi away). I tried 10+ times and it was just the slo-mo motor turn-over, then nothing. Each time I turned everything off, waited a couple minutes, then tried again. Each time the motor turned over slower, then the last few times was just a click and short gurgle. I got a tow to my mother in laws place a few miles away, where it is sitting now. Now I have to figure out how to get it home (50 more miles), who to take it to (dealer is clueless)... or I work on it myself. Ugh. My searches on google or the forum are not turning up much helpful info. I figured if I was having this issue, many others may be too. There is no apparent charging issue, no check eng lite, etc. I can take it on long trips and it runs great.
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