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2019 CTR w/ mods performance and issues

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Hi Ya’ll,

I have a ‘19CTRw/7k mi. Have changed out the cold air intake, down pipe, catback and using scorcher (car still under warranty). I’m guessing by AFE’s “specs”, I’m supposed to be getting 415+ HP and sim torque values. I really notice the increased responsiveness and all was fine initially until I started getting CEL for codes 102&104 dealing with emissions and air intake. Afe warranted the scorcher, reflashed andI have it back in the CTR. Thus far 50mi) all seems ok. Time will tell if anymore CEL will come on.

I also have a second set of wheels and tires for winter driving (19”) that do very well.

I’d like to ask anyone out there what you have done, what works/doesn’t. I’m asking strictly performance additions/mods.

thank you.
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Dang it! Afe scorcher failed again. The Supt says no refund but / May do a replacement. That means I have to send unit to the again!
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