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Well this is embarrassing to say the least.... but here it goes

My beautiful 2019 Honda Civic Sport was the latest victim of my soon to be ex-husbands vengeance.
He managed to get my spare key while I was peacefully sleeping... what he did from there is BEYOND ME!

I saw the obvious shredding of every piece of paper inside my car... bagged it all up and laughed at his childish Edward scissor hand moment.
Put my foot on the break... pushed my start button - LOST MY MARBLES!
My ENTIRE dashboard is lit up like a freaking Christmas Tree. My car immediately started going nuts with warnings, system failures and I had 8 beautiful notifications on my screen and my Honda Link app 🤯🤬😤

since he isn’t handy around a car... I immediately thought he messed with the simplest thing aka the fuse box.
After a few hours and a ton of goggle
searches... I determined- that was false.
Every system has failed.
I can’t calibrate anything - the second I try - it says unable to calibrate, system failed.
The vehicle would be drivable except for the fact that my engine cooling fan doesn’t work and within 10 minutes or less - my cars over heating.
I took it to my local garage and they had 4 mechanics looking at it for over two hours.... they couldn’t find anything that screamed IM BROKEN nor could they fix it.
We checked everything humanly possible.
No cut wires. Fuses seem fine. Checked the computer in the bumper (stupid place)

I am at a loss ....

I know the smart thing to do would be to take it to Honda.... but I called a Honda Dealer FAR away and told them what happened, they said that if someone messed with the system it would void my warranties.
So here I am... hoping someone has some experience or knowledge that could shed some light on my conundrum.
I am hoping it is something so dumb that I am missing
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