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So if you have been following along for a while you would have by now seen a pattern arise when it comes to our product development and R&D.

Before we tackle any new project whether that be an intake, down-pipe, turbo, engine mount, etc we always first completely break down the OEM components and share that with you guys We first test the OEM, find its strengths, weakness, and everything in between. We learn what it is capable of and we set goals for what we want a performance variant to achieve. We then layout a full strategy and the R&D and testing begins. Now, why do we do this?

It's simple really. In order to know where you are going, you first need to know where you are coming from. If you just run off without a plan you might get there but more than likely you won't at all or it won't be easy. We aim to set realistic goals and share with you our aim. We even go a step further in nearly all cases and ask for your input on our parts (like our SI tips). So many just make stuff to make it. They hit you with vague terms like "increased performance" and "better flowing" without actually telling you anything or giving you a reference and starting point. It's lazy at best and just BS to you guys.

We understand that when it comes to products it's not just things like a fat power number that means something. It goes way beyond that. reliability, efficiency, value, service, etc all as to be taken into account to make real parts for real people.

So without going off on a tangent check out our new blog introducing our plans for an upgraded IC system.



1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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