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After months of R&D KTuner will be releasing this week via a software update basemaps for the 27WON big turbo upgrade for the 2017+ Civic SI. Maps created for both pump gas and ethanol blends will be free to download via their software.

We are super excited about this as it makes it easier than ever for you guys to enjoy the power of the W1 in a safe and reliable manner. To have both major tuning platforms each offering base calibrations for the W1 is really awesome news for the enthusiast and is great for the end user to have the option. With the KTuner you will have full access to all the features like in-depth boost by gear and on the fly map switching.

• 100% brand new drop-in turbocharger upgrade
• no core swap or downtime
• no modding, cutting, fabbing, etc
• works with all your existing parts including OEM
• full-color step by step instructions via our mobile app or PDF download
• ready to run base calibrations for the SI via the two major tuning platforms for the 10th gen

It literally couldn't be any easier to go big turbo on your Civic. We aim to offer the full package and give you guys the best service, parts, and support and through help with various tuners and tuning solutions we are able to accomplish this and for that we are very thankful.

To sweeten up the deal we are offering combo deals of any tuning solution with the W1. Dollar for dollar this is one of the best bang for buck mods for your car. You can check that out here. https://store.27won.com/2016-civic-turbocharger-upgrade-w1.html


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