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5 inch screen on Sport issue.......

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My screen was showing the radio channel in full screen, was messing around with it and now just shows it on the top of the screen and the rest is black, can't get it to come back. Also imported a picture for a wallpaper and can't get that to set either. Followed a few youtube videos but it still comes up blank.

Thanks for any input, will go back to my dealer when I get a chance but usually I can get this stuff figured out.....
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LOL. YUP, had to do with the day/night brightness level button on the top left, must have pressed it and forgot about, messed with it a little and BOOM, even set the wallpaper image....Thanks.
Some car makers put out videos that walk you through how to use the infotainment and even common things. Too bad Honda didn't do that here with one of its highest volume products. Surely it will go a long way in saving dealers time and money from having to answer questions related to it.
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