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6MT LX & EX Test Drive

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Since my small town dealer will probably never have a manual Civic to test, I drove to a larger dealer in Raleigh and did an "A" and "B" comparison between the LX (base engine) and EX (turbo), both with the 6MT. According to the sticker, the manual transmission is made in India. The gear ratios and final drive must be identical between the base and turbo since I measured both at steady state 60mph in 6th gear (2300 rpm) and 70mph (2700 rpm). Yes, you can certainly feel the extra ponies of the turbo above 3k, and yes, both versions suffer from the dreaded rev hang. :(

The LX was no slouch, with linear power throughout the band, and I actually liked the old school radio with knobs...I know, I'm weird. I also preferred the looks of the 16" LX wheels over the 17" ones on the EX. Of course, the EX has more bells and whistles (fog lights, sunroof, etc.) and probably weighs more. The perfect choice for me would be the LX model with optional 1.5T, but I may have to live with fog lights and sunroof instead. >:)
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didn't think the LX was available with turbo...unless you go the sport hatchback version (LX with various parts).

isn't the 2.0 NA only engine choice for the LX & EX? the turbo begins at the EX-T version (sedan)
Yes sir, you are correct...LX not available with turbo, that's why I drove the LX (base engine) and EX-T (turbo) for "A" and "B" comparison.
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