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A Hybrid Civic Could Be In The Future

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While this has not been confirmed by Honda themselves, Civic’s chief designer Daisuke Tsutamori did tell AutoGuide that the Civic platform is flexible and it could incorporate the latest electrification technologies.

They already have a 2015 Civic Hybrid and we’ve already posted about their talks regarding which motor system they would use. They’re working on the next gen Accord hybrid that’s slated to launch in the middle of this year. Along with that, Honda plans to release a new plug-in hybrid based on the same platform underpinning the upcoming Clarity Fuel Cell by 2018.

The automotive industry is moving towards hybrid and electric vehicles so why shouldn’t Honda to go down this route with the already popular 10th Gen Honda Civic?
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I kinda doubt Honda is going to come out with a hybrid hatchback model. They're already coming out with the type R and Si, why add more to their plate? More likely with the Sedan since it's more of a hybrid vehicle to me.
Well it does allow them to create a hybrid model that can tap into a few segments since being a hatchback it does have a bit more capability than a sedan. Plus it can be like honda's version of the C-Max, but just one that's actually successful.
I would assume that the sedan would get a hybrid power train but not the hatchback. maybe the coupe, but I'm still leaning towards no. If they can make it affordable, the Civic Hybrid would be very successful. Although gas prices would need to go up for it to reach its maximum potential.
It'll be the sedan only. 99% sure of that. There's not really a market for a coupe hybrid, and the next gen CRZ already fits that bill. The hatchback probably won't get a hybrid because it's built in the UK and over there honda has their super efficient diesel engine going into that car which makes a hybrid pretty much a moot point for the UK. The sedan offers the most usable space, is built in the US (and Canada) and has historically been the only civic body style to get a hybrid. So if honda does do a hybrid civic, it'll probably be only in the sedan guise, also because a hybrid civic will sell pretty low volume comparatively to the rest of the range, so putting it in the best selling sedan body makes the most sense.
If it does come out, maybe Honda will go with the two-motor system for a longer range. Not sure how popular that would be if they raise the price of the sedan too much. People may as well go top trim if the hybrid costs more than that.

At least now Honda has a versatile platform.
Actually it does make sense as a Sedan, Honda has even made hybrid versions of the Civic sedan in the past which i'm sure helps them in the R&D process going forward from here on.

One of the first was in the 7th gen line up:

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I think that there will be a hybrid version in the nearest future.
It's one of the most popular models on the marken at the moment.
That's why the manufacturers will try to satisfy the hybriscars fans)
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