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Accidentally Disabled Android Auto

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Hoping someone here might be able to help me re-enable android auto in my civic.

I'd been using android auto since a bought my civic a couple of months ago. Sometimes when I plug my phone in, the display just stays on a "loading" notification and gives up. Usually restarting my phone fixes this.

I had accidentally disabled Android Auto in my car by doing the following steps. Phone might need encryption enabled to fully reproduce.

Plug in phone to usb port.
Restart phone while it is still plugged in.
While phone is booting up, it will ask for your password to unencrypt your phone.
While this password prompt is up on your phone, the civic will detect the active phone and display a prompt asking if you want to disable android auto. I don't precisely remember which option I took on this prompt.
Now when I plug in my phone, nothing happens. If I click the android auto button on the car display it tells me to check my usb connection.
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glad you figured it out and shared the resolution.
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