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Adding Xm radio

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So I got the LX model of the 2016 Honda Civic which has the 7 inch screen but did not include serious XM radio. I would really love to add it into my current radio and not have the Xm receiver docked somewhere else in my car. Has anyone added XM to their vehicle yet through the factory radio? I assume it can be done seeing that some models come with them, but my local Honda dealer told me the only thing I could do is add a receiver.
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The tuner is a separate box in the EX-T and above, so cabling and software in head unit probably different. Suspect this would be very hard to do by "just" adding the tuner module.
look at the Audivoxx Satstreamhon piece. You will need that piece plus the SXV3001 tuner with it.it runs through the blue tooth part of the LX Civic only. You will still get your phone calls but you will not be able to play music through the blue tooth from your phone, to the civic because the XM piece is using it at all times. Will not work with EX and above. I do the Accessories at a Honda Dealer in Delaware. I hope this helps you out.
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