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Hello ive been back and forth a couple time later this summer with an Short Ram Intake and stock box
Weve all heard about the extreme heat that is caused under that hood...so i test the car capacity of boosting in extreme heat of summer here in Canada in the New Brunsick ( at least this summer...lol) and ive ride with my ride maybe like not even a week before putting back the intake on.!!!!..all i can say is there is a small but really small heatsoak if there so.......there is a really good airflow in the engine bay....
and now that my mind is set...all i can say! is WOW!!!!
This intake really shine in the sound dep.......that turbo spool and blow off sound is really what is all about TURBO !!!!!
got it cheap on amazon.com
and you know what?......does the job plenty for what it brings in sound and performance wise i think its getting more normal temperature and it boost quicks!!!!!!....NO TUNE.

theres is a black and red version i took the red!

So to the people that were thinking about buying one....i would recommend very well ;)

heres a video of me testing out the turbo sound on a freeway its in KM/h
hope you enjoy ;)

3rd gear pull


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