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I just got this 2017 si not even a month ago. I walked outside and noticed my fog like housing was cracked. Did some research on replacing it (since the dealer wanted $60 for the part and $60 to install) and figured, since I've got to take the bumper off to do so, I might as well update the whole thing with something a little more stylish. I bought a set of DRLs with LEDs and the matching set for the back bumper. Removed the back bumper and went to install the new set only to realize the Si is different, probably should've check that before removing the bumper, but whatever, didn't take long to take apart and reinstall it..

All this to say, I've been trying to find some aftermarket stuff for it, and can't seem to locate anything.
Anyone know of anything out there? At this point I'm just going to replace the fog light housing and call it good.


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