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Aggressive Wheel/tire thread for 2017 Hatch

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Looking for an aggressive track setup for your 2017 Hatch? Looking at doing 18x8.5/9 with a lower offset without a stretch and wondering what all it will take with our chassis. If people can post pics of their setup below that would really help us all. Welcome to post stretched setups too, even though it's not my cup of tea :D


Post a description of Wheel Diameter/width/offset along with tire size, camber front and rear & suspension used.

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Don't think anyone is tracking their hatchback yet. But definitely will see a lot of posts about wheels once the Type R and Si are on sale.
Yeah, I'm hoping someone who gets a TypeR puts their wheels/tires up for sale, looking to make an R clone out of my Sport HB......
Don't think anyone is tracking their hatchback yet. But definitely will see a lot of posts about wheels once the Type R and Si are on sale.
At least no one we've seen yet.

It doesn't take a lot to track one of these. At the minimum you can track it as you get it from the dealer. A better route would be to buy stickier tires that allow you to really push it, grip through turns, and take it beyond what OEM tires will allow. FR-S/BRZ owners know this all too well.
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Tires make the world of a darn difference. Night and day.

There are people out there with some stanced setups but I don't think I've ever seen any serious track setups though.
I'm looking at getting 18x8.5 +44 offset with 235/40/18 Kumho Ecsta V720. The OEM Continentals are great for wet but lack high dry traction. Curious to see some pics of wheel/tire setups soon.
17x9.25 +36OS. Using the stock tires. Fits perfectly with no rub and did not have to roll the fenders


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+44 is a darn high offset. I would definitely look into something more around what @Joshtr1 has going on. Tire was, do you want a full dedicated summer tire or all season?
Hi there everybody! Here's my winter set up!


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Simple and clean!
Dude... that looks like a summer setup haha all you need are the coils and you're summer ready! Please tell me what you plan on getting for summer now
18 inch rims. I am particularly interested in this one!


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here's one on the showroom floor here in town....

i think they are 18" or even larger...but, can't get a good look at them to know for sure. it's similar to the optional honda 18" wheels with the red pinstriping offered on the website.

Those are pretty darn nice to have and if you can add that red pinstripe to it, I really wouldn't mind wearing those either.

2017 Hatch, those look like they'll be darn glimmering in the summer time ! Gotta make sure to keep em' clean at all times though
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