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Air Ride !

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Anyone thinking of going air ? I think I've seen one or two people on instagram with a setup. One guy had a wooden floor setup in the trunk iirc. I'll try to find that picture to post !

D2 Air Struts + Vera Elite Management system - $4600.00

The Elite management system is a pressure based full digital management with LCD display, user defined font and background colors. Features include three user programmable presets, rise on startup, programmable setting parameters and compressor/voltage error alerts. Available smartphone Bluetooth controller (sold separately).

Kit Includes:

D2 Racing 36-way dampning adjustable air struts (set of four)
Digital controller with 2.4″ LCD display, three presets and individual side
8 Solenoid valve block
Five pressure sensors
150-175 PSI pressure switch
Polished 4 gallon aluminum tank with baseboard
Chrome VIAIR 444C (add a second compressor with wiring harness and fittings for $380 MSRP)
SMC water trap
60′ DOT ¼ air line
150-175 PSI pressure switch
All necessary fittings, power cables and plugs
Add ride height sensors for $600 MSRP
Add 10 channel Bluetooth / 4 channel RF remote for $230 MSRP
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$4600.00 is more than I'm willing to shell out for most things. Probably something to consider if racing is your thing, but not really something for the average driver. I think it'll appeal to hatchback owners as hatch mods seems to be gaining in popularity.
I more prefer coils for racing and stuff... I find air more suitable for the daily driving. Comfort, looks if you wanna bag out in the parking lots, and you can raise it above stock height even for driving on the horrendous roads of my area lol

This was the guys install btw

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