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Almost new Honda Civic owner...Hello!

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Hey, Rae here!

I want to buy a 2017 Honda Civic EX very soon. I plan to finance thru the dealing most likely with no options added. I see the MSRP is $21, 975. I will probably negoiate at the dealer.

What OTD price is good?

I live in NJ.

I test drove the EX and WOW, I was blown away! I had a 2000 accord(ony owner) and the Civic feels like a "mini honda".

Love the site and look forward to joining in the conversation.

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There's about $1500 the dealer has to work with between sticker price and what he pays. Beware add-ons like "protection package" for $1000 or more and other junk add-ons that are nothing but profit for the dealer.
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