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New to the forum. 18 Hatch Sport 6-spd purchased new. Back to a Civic after raising a family (Odyssey, Audi Avant, Mazda CX5) and a divorce. Fond memories of my 87 CRX Si that I had prior to marriage and 3 kids. (Many of you probably were not born in 87. Ha ha!). The Sport Hatch is my CRX grown-up.

Anyone here using 27WON performance upgrades? I have the front strut tower brace and brake fluid reservoir brace.

I just put on fresh rubber - Conti ExtremeContact DSW 06 Puls. Anyone else using these tires?

Looking forward to the hive mind on possible brake upgrades, intakes, etc. Not sure how far to take the upgrades.

Considering a used Porsche Cayman to scratch my midlife crisis sports car itch! In any event, will keep the Civic as my daily driver. I love this car!
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