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am i the only one who feels he has to slam shut the door?

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ive noticed my drivers door I almost need to slam it in order to close it. I also noticed my drivers window slowly goes up and down. doesn't matter if its auto or not. something weird with that door I feel.

anyone else have this issue?
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I don't know why the window goes up slowly, but on my 2017 Accord the doors are hard to close completely. I think the reason is that it is so airtight. Try leaving a window down (only an inch or so) and try closing it.
I just noticed that with mine that I picked up a few days ago. I do have the slam the door harder, which I hate doing. Maybe in a few months, the seals and such will wear down a bit, making it easier?
Hmmm, it's funny you mentioned the driver's window motor operating slowly. I recently purchased a 2017 hatchback sport, and one of the two vehicles I was shopping had a slow operating driver's window motor. The dealer told me they had already noticed the issue, and said it was already scheduled to be replaced. Needless to say I did not purchase that particular hatchback.
All are what I would call "normal" on mine. I did have a Civic sedan a couple of years ago that had a slow front passenger window though. Seemed to get better with age!!
I don't have an issue with my Hatchback's doors but my drivers side window was slow rolling up when I got it. I did some research and it looked like a quite common complaint so I took it in to the dealer and they re-lubricated the channels and it definitely sped up but almost too fast where it hops in the channels. It is better now but I'm still not 100% satisfied with its operation compared to the other windows. Definitely a minor annoyance!
The hatchback door seems hard to close. For the driver and passenger doors it works fine.
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