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Any known CVT issues ?

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I bought the LX 6-speed, because I don't like the "feel" of CVT's, but I have not heard of any mechanical issues with CVT's until today. My brother has a 2016 Accord and he received a recall on the tranny.
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Not as far as I know and maybe the 2016 Accord uses a different transmission than the Civic CVT.
I've heard the contrary where people are constantly having CVT issues in general. Not specifically the Civic but that's just off of a quick browse. Not too sure if they're using the same transmission.
Ive got a 2014 civic with CVT and the only issue i had was a quick recall to update the ECU due to a possible issue in which the CVT was creating too much pressure on a certain part in certain instances, the ECU tune fixed the issue and i've had no other issues.

The accord CVTs had a small TSB a while back for "juttering" where the CVT would cause a vibration or shaking feeling at low speeds, but again, an ECU reflash fixed most of those issues (this was one of honda's first uses of the CVT as well).

I haven't heard any issues related to the new civics CVT however.
reporting on the cvt only....53k on my '14 civic. no trans issues whatsoever.
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reporting on the cvt only....53k on my '14 civic. no trans issues whatsoever.
Question.... what is you driving style like? and from day one did you have "breaking it in" in mind or just drove it however without considering a break in timeframe?
i have two different driving styles.

history is: 9th gen EX sedan
bought it new.
drove it like i usually do from day 1. i drive 5-7 over the posted limit usually. i don't race it light to light...it's a civic, with a 1.8, cvt, fwd...it's not a race car. i am a single divorced dad, with 2 girls (16 & 21), so my money is spent on lots of silly frivolous curly pink things! so, i have to make my car last as well as i can.

however, when i visit older daughter in south central Missouri, i like to have fun. the roads are twisty and hilly and have lots of 30 mph curves...ha! throw her in 'Sport' mode and toss it in the corners...and she's so much more fun.

i downshift often...using as little brake as possible. i have had people actually tell me that brake lights aren't working, but then i ask them to check them again, but this time, i'll be actually using them - all is good!

car has original everything except for all lights and oil. got a new set of brakes ready, powerstop kit with evolution pads. i do use dedicated snow tires & wheels.

bought it July 19th, 2014. little over 53k miles currently, and anxiously awaiting the hatchback to have it's 1st birthday!
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