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Anyone Living the Low Life ?

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Scrolled and seen this, got me thinking. Anyone tucking wheels yet ? Or just laying frame perhaps ??

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I wouldn't risk the increased chance of bottoming out by lowering a Civic. Speed bumps are going to be a nightmare too and it could damage the underside. This is great if you plan to go on track, but not really for the average sedan owner.
i'm going to assume he's on air...and that is lowered for parking purposes. that is really low for daily driving. however, he does have the clear sidemarkers. all blacked out grille. he's done some subtle mods to this.

or it's a great white north model.
Would make sense if it was on air, or maybe they really do like riding that low all the time. Too bad clear sidemarkers isn't the standard everywhere, those yellow ones are ugly.
Found this one, slammmed.

No word on if its sitting on coils or bags but this is just way too low for me even if its just parked.

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it looks broken or a large family of 5 are seated inside....

again....clear side markers...
I actually wouldn't be surprised if these guys were on coils. Wouldn't be the first time seeing extremely slammed cars that were static that looked completely undrivable or practical for getting down a non-freshly paved street.
Those civics are either outside of the U.S. or the owners switched them out. I think clear side markers are illegal in the US.
If you install switch back LED's then you can get away with having the sidemarker like that, a lot of guys do it and it's a great look.

Before :

After :

Fitted with this :

Tein Flex adjustables suspension system
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