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Apple Carplay Question

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I just heard that its not possible to stream music on Apple Carplay. I was looking forward to using Carplay with apple music and Siri with voice control. This is apples only real advantage over spotify. Is the true? Anyone Know?
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Of course you can stream music. In fact you can stream from Spotify too if you want. I have no idea why there is so much confusion out there about Android auto and CarPlay but this is just silly.


Take a look of some basic examples, probably worth watching this and other videos to know what to expect.
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I think I'm going to make an FAQ as I know this will be a major pain point for new owners. Not because of Honda; rather the fragmentation between different smartphones and operating systems. The above link explains things well. You get music, audio, navigation, and voice commands for simple actions.

The only limitation is how quickly app developers can make their product compatible with the Google/Apple standard. They don't flip a switch; they have to recode the app interface to ensure the display is oriented in landscape mode and all controls accept Bluetooth touch commands from the HU.
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Yea it sounds more like an issue with software versions, or the type of phone you have. If you did have a problem with the system, I would recommend updating your system software as a first step to trying to get things work properly.
I keep hearing that you can not stream apple music on carplay. I keep no music on my phone and am counting on being able to use siri voice control with apple music for streaming. Can I do this ? I just saw a reviews and they said you can't.
They are wrong. BUT... make sure the phone's permission allows streaming of Apple Music via cellular. Some features that are deemed too distracting are disabled while in motion.

Also, some 3rd party music apps are not yet available. But most are. You can either stream Apple Music or access via local files.

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I heard that you can ask siri for music that's on your phone but not to stream form apple music. That makes no sense to me.
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