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Apple CarPlay questions

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Hi all,

I've had my Civic EX-T now for three weeks and noticed a few things about Apple CarPlay that I'm hoping to get feedback on. When I first had the car I has a iPhone 5s and everytime I connected it it did not require me to unlock my iPhone which was easy. Just a few days ago I upgraded and got a 6s Plus and every time I connect to CarPlay it requires me to unlock the phone. Is this a setting? It's very annoying I have to do this every time.

Secondly Siri on the 6s Plus cannot notice my contacts wether a phone call or texting. This is a new issue

Lastly for the first time yesterday I had my iTunes music playing and out of nowhere it completely stopped and said my phone was disconnected when it wasn't. I had to unconnected everything and reconnect.

Has anyone had these issues. Please any feedback is appreciated.
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Remember when you first set up your 5s, there was a message about if you want Carplay to be turned on automatically. maybe it has to be enabled for your new 6s+?
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