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Say I change my phone in 2 years, can I go to the dealer and ask them to swap my Android Auto system to an Apple Car play system or vice versa?

@Design said he thinks the new infotainment systems are going to be an issue for owners

I'm just curious if this is going to be a part of that as well? Will your choice of infotainment come to dictate your future phone choices?

I mean they only manage music, audio, navigation, and voice commands, obviously they're using Honda hardware, how difficult could it be for the dealer to 'load' the other software...or is it more complicated then loading in software???

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Okay, here is what everyone needs to remember about these two systems. The car does nothing. Android auto and CarPlay run on your phone, nothing runs on the car. The car just links the screen and speakers/mic to the phone. That's it. You want to use CarPlay, great. I can get in two minutes later and use Android auto.

To use these systems you have to connect your phone to the car via a cable. Then the screen and mics and such are connected, but again the car does NONE of the work. The screen of your phone is disabled when connected, you have to use the screen on the car. Simple, and the best way for this to work. When Google or Apple want to update they don't update the car they update the phone, or the app in Googles case. You want more apps on the dashboard? Install them on your phone to get access.

Android auto and Apple CarPlay are basically just an app for your phone. Hope that helps people understand it better. You just you the screen on the dash interact with this specific app. Easy.
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