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Asian Civic X [PK Domestic Model] Quality Issues

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Civic X is being assembled local here in Pakistan by "Honda Atlas Pakistan Limited". Like everywhere else there was a lot of craze and excitement. But things didn't go well in local market. The car since launch have been reported with number of quality, fit and finish issues. There is a lot of bashing from owners and other local auto enthusiasts. The poor quality of door welds as well as the quality at interior is very questionable.

I just wanted to share about how a simple QA/QC can ruin an otherwise a well awarded beautiful car. People are making noise but the local auto sector is very small and they have made cartel and people have no choice. The car assembler is removing basic features and they also did with Civic X for local market as well.


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Oh yeah, that looks terrible. I have not noticed any of that here on the USA models.
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