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After driving a Honda Civic 10 years ago I bought 4 Toyota Prius vehicles.

I was prepared to buy the 4th Gen. Prius, but after checking out the 2016 Civics I changed my mind. My Touring model has most of the same features that came with the Prius, but gets slightly less MPG.

The deciding factor was that the Civic would have cost $2000-3000 less than the Prius. With that much difference, the MPG factor was negligible.


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Welcome to the forum. You may have dodged a bullet by going with Honda. The facia of the new Prius is so weird, especially with the nose sticking out.
That 4th gen Prius is, uh, a POLARIZING design. Not that I wouldn't drive one, but I might have an accident while trying to walk to it in the morning with my eyes closed. And WHAT'S with the toilet fixtures on the inside?!?!
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