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Well, I had the bad manners to start posting without making a formal introduction. So, here it is!
I’ve never owned a Honda before, but I came THIS close to getting a 2007 Fit, but was turned off by the throttle overrun/ rev hang while testing the manual transmission. So I bought a Subaru Impreza.
Great car, lots of torque, fantastic visibility, OK cargo capacity, OK access to same. Rotten fuel economy, dull looking (but comfortable) interior. Dependable as a G-Shock, and almost as tough.
Not gonna lie: my Next Car List has the Impreza near the top of the list. Hoping to place the Civic HB there too. Betting that the fuel economy will be MUCH better, and the torque should be better than older Hondas. The looks speak for themselves, LOL.
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