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Bargaining a '16 Honda Civic

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Hello everyone! I'm looking to purchase a new Honda Civic lx or or ex sedan (depending on the price). I've been doing my homework on how to bargain with the salesman, but one of the steps was to hear feedback from the Honda Civic enthusiasts. So here I am lol. The two dealerships near me in Vermont have the LX Msrp for 19225. OnEdmonds and kbb the fair value seems to be between 17753-18724. I would like to hear from anyone who would like to give some input on how and what a good deal would be for this vehicle. On a last side note, the only reason why I consider the ex trim is because I want the remote start. Thank you
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There should be a thread around here listing how much everyone paid for their Civic but I can't find it right now. If the fair value is between 17753-18724, it wouldn't hurt to ask the dealership if they're willing to bring the price down to 17753.
Start low with your asking price and let the dealership(s) come up from there. Don't be afraid to walk out if you don't like the numbers they're offering you (within reason of course). And what's always worked best for me? Bidding war between the two dealers. Get them both fighting for your purchase and let them make counter offers back and forth until one wins out, or they both hit the same number.
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Another key thing is don't feel like your obliged to settle for anything. There are tons of dealerships out there.
go in with a top dollar amount you can afford. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE relay this amount to the dealer! if you do, you lose. start low..and they'll come back high...stick to your guns. they are trained for this stuff. they are there all day. they'll spend hours with you haggling over $100. if you realize you are wasting your time and they aren't budging, walk out. if your price is fair...they will call you back...or sit you back down and get serious.

first thing they will ask is how much can you afford? don't tell them anything. skip over the question and move on to asking questions about the LX vs. EX.

go in with an idea of what your credit score is. this is a factor with financing - if you plan on financing.

it's a game...and if you learn their game...it's more fun playing with them. they are banking (literally) on and hoping you don't know their game; this way they make big $$$

and be wary of all the add-ons they'll throw at you while in the finance office.
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Ohhh, the add ons is where they try to get you. They make so much money out of those maintenance and warranty packages, it's their bread and butter.

Walking out is always an option, especially with how many Honda dealerships there are.
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