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So my car is so out of control, I bought this 2016 honda civic ex from relative its under 20km. I drove to work turned off everything, when I was leaving work I saw headlights were on and the dash was on. I wasnt able to get unlock or lock the door with the key, I had to use actual physical key to open the driver side door. The engine light was on and brak system, every light you could possibly think off. Then the screen was glitching so was the power after 20 min of glitch, the battery died we used bettery booster to turn it on it worked but still all lights were on. If I locked the doors and walk away after 5 min the alarm would go on all the time, so all we could do is close doors manually and take the battery wire out, so that the alarm doesn't go on. I took it to mechanic and they couldn't figure out whats wrong with it! Does anyone have solution or have had the same issue?:(
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