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Today I installed the Boomba Racing BOV in the alumunium color on my 16 CVT. The install took about 40 minutes and wasnt too bad. The hose clamps are hard to get over the new BOV but other than that it's straight forward. Here is the video with commentary from a 5 year old in the back seat. Yes, you can clearly hear it when I build full boost and let off the gas. It's less audible when you let the CVT "shift" and then let off. I didnt get above about 45-50 mph on a single acceleration because of city streets. I did datalog but left my computer cable at work. Ill get a freeway drive in tomorrow with some hard long pulls to 80. So much for the 43 MPG i got in the way to work this morning lol..........

Edit: oh yeah, i lost a socket....or 2. Its tight in there

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