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Brand New Civic 10th Gen Turbo EX-L

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I got me a sweet ride on 11/11/2016 white with cloth beige interior. I got the car out the lot with 10 miles on the odometer. One thing that I like about my car is heated seats, I never had them before and man it feels good. I'm from the bayarea so it gets chilly in the morning and heated seats is awesome!! :laugh:

What bothers me is alarm sensitivity, every time a loud motorcycle pass by it triggers. Need to get it fixed soon.

So far the car drives great I love everything about it.
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Welcome to the forum.Check out all the sub forums for some great ideas and information on your model Civic.
Congrats on the new Civic! And yea, once you go heated seats, you can never go back to cold winter bums.
Welcome to the forums and congratulations ! Seat warmers is definitely a must, especially where I live..

Are you the modding type of person ?
Leather seats without heating/cooling is the worst, unless you really want to leave your vehicle running for a bit just so the whole interior warms up but depending on how cold/hot it is that day, that will take a while. Had to do just that when my heated/cooled seats stopped working.
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