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Buying High Mileage 2017 Si

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I'm looking at buying a 2017 Civic Si Coupe for ~$10,000 Cad ($7,500 Usd). Sounds like a steal at first, but the catch is it has 375,000Km on it. I am yet to go look at it in person, but from what I hear it runs and drives like new. What should I look out for when buying this vehicle? Should I avoid buying it?
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Wow, that’s a lot of miles! So I have posted several questions on this forum and have never had anyone answer. If you scroll down a little there is a thread asking about how many miles on your civic. Maybe they will answer you.
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that's 220,000 miles correct?
A Honda dealer would not offer even 5K for it .
So learn from those that sell
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