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Engineers for the new Civic adopted premium noise-isolating materials and design features to achieve a new level of cabin quietness in the Civic class. This includes the adoption of new methods to measure and reduce air leaks in the Civic body that, based on Honda's internal test data, is the most tightly sealed body in the competitive class. Full body air leaks have been reduced 58 percent compared to the previous Civic.

Premium noise reduction features include:

  • Acoustic glass front windshield
  • Triple door sealing (Civic first)
  • New hood seals
  • Sound-absorbing heat baffles and body undercovers
  • A, B and C pillar separators (Civic first)
  • New rear wheel house liners
  • Formed fiber carpeting (Civic first)
Awesome bit of info. Particularly interested in the pillar separators as getting a rattle/buzz in one of those will drive a man crazy.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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