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I also read on one of the reviews there were triple thick floors. Not sure if that was meant as a combo of the underbody covers and formed fiber carpet or not.

Will the rear wheel housing liners be like those on many of the large pickup trucks? Its almost like a fiberboard with carpet on it, my dad and i were so confused about it when we saw it the first time on a Chevy truck at the auto show in columbus a couple years ago, had to ask one of the sales guys about it. Basically having that softer carpet like material there instead of just hard plastic lessens the sounds of small rocks and such hitting up in the wheel wells.
The carpet really does make a difference along the wheel wells. Toyota has it on their cars and I can really tell the difference. I never had an issue with even a single layer of rubber along the doors, but three will be great. It's the noise from the floor that I'm worried about, especially to those who are going to add aftermarket exhausts it would be nice to keep the noise and vibration out of the cabin.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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