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Camera Angle with aftermarket head unit

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Question for y'all. I'm very well aware that with very few exceptions you'll lose your multiple camera angles when installing an aftermarket head unit. That being said is there a way to pick the ONE angle you'll have on your aftermarket head unit? I had one installed yesterday and the backup camera is working just fine but it's the super wide angle and I'd like to have the more standard view if possible.

This is on a 2019 Hatchback Sport if that matters.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Any additional info on getting the camera to work?
I have 17 Civic hatchback lx and got all steering wheel functions to work. But...... the camera works about about 60% of the time.
I’ve i stalled three pioneer 1500 nex and am currently on the 2550nex.
What harness and head unit did you use? Did you wire? Did you have any camera issues?
Thanks in advance
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