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So I've been smelling gasoline inside my vehicle ( 2019 hatchback) when accelerating from a stop for a while now and couldn't pinpoint the source... Today. I was sniffing around the engine again and notice the hose in this video looked completely collapsed and also had multiple breaks in it that seemed to be letting a small amount of fuel escape ?

Just trying to determine a couple of things... First off what is this hose and what is it used for? And secondly what could cause it to break down like this?

I wasn't positive if this was a vacuum hose or something else, but I was considering purchasing a small length of the same size tubing and just replacing it with that rather than buying a factory part?

Edit: it's a PCV Breather tube . The casket between the engine compartment and hood ,up near where the air conditioning pulls air in had fallen off so it was pulling those fumes right into my cabin.

Replaced the hose over lunch with a piece of tubing the guy from Napa gave me for free!
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