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If you’re looking for a set of extraordinary wheels demonstrating power and strength with every spin, Inovit is the go-to brand. Since its incorporation in 1998, this company has grown into a globally recognized brand known for its precision engineering, unique designs, employment of advanced technologies, and innovative approach to alloy wheel manufacturing.

Their rims combine aggressive designs with exceptional engineering prowess to create lightweight wheels with big brake clearance that are ideal for high-performance vehicles. Built to suit a variety of tastes and needs, these wheels are available in a variety of sizes and fitments to ensure they’ll perfectly fit your steel stallion.

Whichever wheel style you opt for, Inovit wheels are sure to give your Honda Civic the prestigious look you're aiming for.

INOVIT® - YSM-067 VECTOR Satin Black

INOVIT® - YSM-009 FORCE 5 Silver with Machined Face

INOVIT® - YSM-029 TORQUE Gunmetal

INOVIT® - YSM-023 SPEED Candy Red

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