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The term car covers refers to a large piece of fabric meant to cover and uncover your automobile once parked, thus protecting it from elements of weather and nature such as harsh UV lights, rain, dust, snow and hail.

Types of Car covers

a) indoor cover

Car covers for indoors are usually lighter to prevent condensation between the vehicle and the cover.
hey are also mildew and rot resistant so that the cover will never start to rot and fall apart.
b)outdoor covers

Outdoor covers on the other hand are waterproof, more UV resistant and may have extra hook for more grip on windy days.
This helps keep the car cover from being blown off the car during storms

c) truck covers
You may be wondering due to their sizes, how trucks get covered. Custom car covers is the answer. They come in a wide range of sizes, making it possible to find one for whatever automobile you’re driving.


With the wide range of fabrics available for car covers, your choice will hugely depend on where your car will be stored, the climatic factors affecting, as well as the comfortability you aim for.
Breathable car covers are generally UV proof and are meant for areas with harsh sunlight. On the other hand, for stormy or rainy areas, waterproof car covers will be the best go to option.

Keeping your car safe from casualties is essential for its longevity.
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