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"The other reason to respect the base Civic is that it offers a manual transmission (like last year, though, it’s restricted to the price-leading LX). Honda representatives have told us that we can expect more Civics—including the 1.5-liter turbo—to offer a stick shift in the future, but that development resources for now are focused on bringing out the other Civic variants yet to appear, including the coupe, the four-door hatchback, the Si, and the Type R. While the new six-speed gearbox doesn’t feel quite as sweet as the one in the 2016 Accord Sport, it’s far from sloppy, with clearly defined gates and short throws, and it's paired with a nicely progressive clutch."

Original article here

While it would have been nice for the EX-T to have a manual option right out the gate, Its good to know that the additional resources are being used to bring our Si and Type R sooner.

Based on this, expect an EX-T 6 speed for the 2017 model year.

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Good, this should satiate the manual fans who want the 1.5T... hopefully they only have to wait an extra year to get it. I definitely think focusing on getting the coupe, Si and hatches out first is priority to a much lower sales volume like manual 1.5T on the regular civics.

Civic fans rejoice! Things will always get better!
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