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Change the Dash?

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I don't know about you but I've never been overtly exstatic about the dash in either the 8th or 9th gen civics.

I for one am hopeful they revise the interior to something slightly more conventional, I'm just not a huge fan of the double bubble look...



Not even the Euro Civic can salvage it in my books, yes the cluster is much nicer, still not a fan of the double bubble...

The FIT however... now we're talking :D

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I have a 2007 Fit and a 2012 Si. Initially I liked the single setup, but then after driving the Si for a while the double instrument cluster grew on me. I prefer the 9th gen layout over the 8th gen. Hopefully Honda will continue to improve on it for the 10th gen.
i've had both the 8th and 9th gen models. the 9th is a bit better, but better use could be made of the two side 'gauges' on the 9th. the fuel gauge and vacuum gauge (mpg gauge) could be something different.

like fuel and temp in same gauge..and other side could be more useful trip computer (honda is far behind in a true trip computer technology) and oil pressure - especially for you Si owners
I think that the 8th gen interior is better than the 9th gen. The centre stack is just horrible in the 9th generation. I don't really mind the dash though as long as you can still see fine through the windshield.

But let me just say again how bad I think the 9th gen centre stack is. It is really bad.
I want to see them get rid of the drive focused look and the double dash look... makes me feel like im in knight riders car.
Another reason for the double stack is probably to fill the void in the almost 3ft/1m long dashboard. Adding another instrument panel forward (towards the windshield) of the lower one helps fill some space.
The two tier dash does make the civic unique and stand out above the rest. If they could make the dead space from it less or at least make it not look so empty and wasted it would look really good imo.
now that we've seen pictures of the real deal in full, it has this dash but not as bad as with these.
now that we've seen pictures of the real deal in full, it has this dash but not as bad as with these.
I noticed that as well and while I can post a picture showing it, there's this....

LOL, I wish Honda would bump up the lifecycle of the CTR, it only comes at the very end of each generation...
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