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I am a civic ( and prelude and accord) civic owner since ...many years: my first vas a Honda Z!
I have always been happy with these cars,specially about reliability. Honda is may be not the best,but it WAS the best with" honda=no problem".
I bought a civic 10 sport 1.5 liter engine last june.MISTAKE!
This car is pleasant to drive,holds the road very well.
BUT since the begining,i got several inside noises( cracks) from here and there...I removed all what could be femoved from the car. Same problem. Seems it varies with temperature and can happen at very low speed,on any surface,except absolutely smooth.
I visited the honda dealer twice. No results. They do not seem very concerned.
Reading forums,it seems this problem( and probably others,more serious) are very common evrywhere in the world.WHY Honda company do not find a solution and inform the dealers?
My car is now 15 000 kilometers, and i am very frustrated by these stupid noises.
Result,i try not to take anybody for a drive! In fact i am wrong: i should do it and say" yes,this is a honda NOW" worse than a renault!
If anybody( dealers welcome) has a solution to know from where and how to fix these problems, please publish it! You will help thousands of owners. Thank you.
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