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Civic Black Pack

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A new skirt kit called the Black Pack will be available in June. Looks pretty good to me. Nothing too crazy but noticeable ? Either way it'll only be available in Australia. Check out the pictures and the little write up from Car Scoops below !

Previously available on the Jazz, Honda's Black Pack accessories can now be ordered on the tenth-gen Civic too in Australia, with sales to start this June.

Available on all five trims of the compact sedan, the Black Pack adds a number of black accents, including a sports grille, front under spoiler, side skirts, mirror covers, ducktail spoiler and 17-inch alloy wheels, instead of the standard 16-inch rims.

Getting the package on the VTi, VTi-S, VTi-L and VTi-LX will set you back for an extra $2,998 AUD ($2,197 USD) on top of the cars' price tag, but if you go for the Civic in the RS trim, then the optional Black Pack will be cheaper, at AU$2,298 (US$1,684), as this version already has a black grille and boot spoiler, so it will only add the rest of the kit and the larger alloy wheels.

The four-door Civic will eventually be joined by the Civic Hatch and the high-performance Type R hot hatch in Australia.

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That kit looks great to me but I would probably make it a bit more unique to me and also OEM-looking by adding some red pinstriping. Just not sure exactly where but its usually best to add it to where original breaks in the design are
Totally see what your saying, like.. if you had a red pin-strip to outline the heaviest line in the front lip and the side skirts .. really proper
Some pics of a Civic VTi kitted up with the Black Pack here in Australia


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Not sure how I feel about the side skirt but the front does look great with the matte black. Don't suppose you have pictures of the black pack coupe?
I actually really like it completely. The front end is the real kicker of course, looks pretty aggressive. Kinda wish they put some rear spats on it though
Not bad at all. I was thinking it could use some red pinstriping to give it a bit of a Type R look, and if you're down for doing that, maybe you can take some inspiration from the lines on the Lamborghini Centenario.


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Something looks different about that front... like the add-on isn't the usual one .... ?
It's the extra pieces beside the fog lights. Where did you get those? I like the sporty look without it being overly beefy.
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