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Civic EX-T sedan

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Just got a Civic EX-T sedan last Saturday! Was looking for a fuel efficient vehicle. Looked at the Ford Fusion, Volt and Prius. Checked out the Civic on advice from my nephew and was hooked! I currently own an 89 Accord with 315k. My first turbo. The Civic is wider and longer than the Accord. Looking forward to learning my way around the car.:(
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Hey welcome to the forums and congratulations ! Turn that frown upside down my friend, your going to be loving the EX-T ! How does it feel driving around so far ?
Congrats!!! you cant go wrong with a Honda Civic. Good Choice!
You will love this car and I'm getting the same gas mileage back and forth to work as my CRZ.
Now the fun starts as you add accessories.
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