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Hi everyone,

My Civic SI is brand new , i just got my K&N Short Ram intake yesterday. This one - https://www.knfilters.ca/search/product.aspx?prod=69-1504TR
The sound is amazing, took 30 minutes to install, it does fit perfectly. Good quality material.

The only thing that disappointed me is the slight performance drop. Especially in higher RPMs , it just doesn't pull as before with the stock intake.
I guess i will have to get a Ktuner soon, even if everyone is saying that this intake doesn't require a tune.

I'm asking myself, maybe the ECU needs to relearn everything, and performance will get back to the stock state in 2 or 3 days of driving. Its just a guest.

Is anyone here experienced this behavior with their car ?

Best Regards,

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We have yet to see any great improvement over the factory intake, and in most cases there is a performance loss, after a tune you will find that the same is true. The 10th gen just breaths really well right out of the box.
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