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Civic Touring Luxury Comparison

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Currently I am leaseing a civic hybrid and I was thinking to get infiniti Q50 fully loaded but after seeing the new civic touring. I am really confusion. Pricewise the honda completely wins but I am looking for luxury as well. What you guys think which one is more luxurious!?
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It depends.

I have the new Touring Coupe and a '14 tricked out BMW 328i. The BMW is definitely more 'luxurious', but is it worth the $$$? For new, there's no way, but a nice used '14 will cost only $7K more than a new Civic.

That said, I love both cars.
Admittedly, the Infiniti Q50 is very nice on the inside but you will be paying more for it than the Civic Touring. It's really dependent on your budget. The Touring comes with Forward Collision Warning and Collision Mitigation Braking System, two features you'll have to buy for the Q50 at additional cost in the form of a package.
If you want to go the used route, consider getting a used Honda Accord.

At least that way you still stick with Honda and a high trim Accord gets quite luxurious.
So I guess the question is what is in the infiniti not in the honda!?
I'd bet the infinith does not get 42mpg
I think the Q50 hybrid gets like ~30mpg combined or something around that ?
I compared the interior list of the Touring model and the Q50 and it looks like a lot of the luxury features are in the touring model like the Driver’s seat with 8-way power adjustment or dual zone climate control, etc.

Maybe sit in both models and see how you feel?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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