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Civic Touring Sedan

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I picked the car on Monday. It is white with the light interior. I love this car and am having fun playing with all of the features

I ordered the following accessories:

Weather Tech front and rear DigitalFit FloorLiners and their windshield shade.
Honda splash guards, cargo net and trunk tray.

I will be ordering an LED interior light kit. I would like to replace the vanity bulbs with LEDs but the bulb size in not mentioned in the owners manual.
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Sorry, I missed your reply. Thanks for the link. I PMed to OP for a part number for the bulb in the touring. The listed part number is for EX and LX.
One thing you guys can try when figuring out what bulb will work in place of what you already have is to call up auto parts shops that carry bulbs and ask if they have any other numbers a specific bulb goes under. Sometimes they have this in a catalog or even computer system
Where did you get the weather tech shades from? Its expensive from their website ($9 for shipping wtfreak!!)
don't think weathertech is ever really cheap. You can probably try ebay but it may not be the most reliable.
I bought Honda's windshield shade custom fitted for the Civic and it seems to fit pretty good. $30 if I remember correctly.
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