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Civic Type R Can Be A Touring Car

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Most people don't really see the Type R as a hatchback you take on long road trips, we see it as more of a hot hatch for spirited day rides around those perfect trails like the dragon's tail but my mind may have been changed.

Car Throttle took one on the road: https://www.carthrottle.com/post/7-reasons-why-the-honda-civic-type-r-isnt-the-terrible-gt-car-you-think-it-is/

Pretty spacious in the trunk too, wasn't really expecting that.

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Of course tire sizing helps too for more stability and grip so that's probably one of the many things that have factored into this compared to previous years. Then you have choice of tire.
There's also the concern for cops since some will setup check points in certain areas that enthusiasts would take to the track, and you surely don't want to be caught driving on tires meant for that level of performance that shows the sort of wear done with intense driving. It's enough to get you some steep fines, even pulled off the road for the day, depending on where you live.
as long as you down play it you can get away.

i know some guys with sleepers that drive to the track, race the whole day, then drive home. but before leaving the track they wash/wipe out their wheel wells
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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