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Civic vs Corolla

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To those of you lamenting the loss of the sporty and fun Civic you knew and loved in highscool/college/the 90's. Stop lamenting, its not coming back.


That's the fight, somehow the Corolla has managed to propel itself to the top of the compact heap without a dollop of sportiness. The segment speaks, its superfluous to the majority of buyers. If the car will sell without 'extra' sportiness, what's the need for extra sportiness? You take the volume cake by pandering to the lowest common denominator...

Sorry, but this is truth...
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That is the truth. It is just the way things are. I think that a volume car tries to not do anything too much. A little bit sporty is fine, but a lot sporty and you start to alienate people who are just looking for a regular sedan. It might not even be that you alienate people, it may be instead that you just don't attract any other people.

That is so true and that's why I like about Honda: They dare to stand out of the crowd.
They do want their cars (at least here in europe) to be different than the rest.
I'm a non-golfer for many reasons but that's the biggest one...
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