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Hi all,

For the last few weeks I’ve had my car back and forth with the dealer about 8+ times. They’ve called in a Honda field engineer with no resolution so far. I’m hoping someone else has had this issue and can help solve this.

So, on the front passenger side there is a clicking sound. There really isn’t any rhyme or reason to it. I cannot MAKE it click. But my commute to school is about 40 minutes and it pops 100+ times. It also seems to do it more often on roads that aren't super smooth. When I take it to the dealer it will NOT click. I’ve left it there for 5 days before, they’ve replaced the strut, they removed the engine cover because they thought it was causing the sound because it was full of gravel. All to no avail. The sound varies. Sometimes it’s loud and sometimes it’s quiet. When it’s super hot it doesn’t pop at all. It sounds like it’s coming from the dash/under the hood right outside the dash.

Luckily, they said they will honor it under factory warranty since I started taking it there at around 30k miles. It's now around 37k miles.

If anyone recognizes this sound, PLEASE comment. I'm sick of being sent home in a messed up car that isn't paid off. I can't even drive it without the music blaring because I get really angry when I hear the clicking.

*I'll try to post a video in the comments. It won't let me put it in the post because I'm new.
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