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Cold start idle RPM

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I've owned my 2017 Si for a couple of months and had a question regarding cold start idle rpm's.
During the summer when it's warm outside the car always starts and idles at 1700 rpm for about 30 seconds then starts to work its way to 700 RPM as it warms up. We recently had a cold snap where the outside temp dropped to 33F. When I cold start the vehicle at this temp the RPM's go to 2000 rpm for about five second then drop to 1700 rpm and continue to work down to 700 rpm as in the summer. My questions: Is this normal? I would not think you would want rpm's that high when it gets really cold outside. I'm used cars cold starting in the 1300-1500 rpm range.
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It is actually pretty normal. Mine does the same thing.
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